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your instrumental mp3 download site

by Lloyd Eddie Perry

Welcome and thanks for coming by. Our aim is providing you with the instrumental music you're looking for in the format that best suites your needs. MP3, Flac or Wav. Singles or album. This is the preview & MP3 or Flac page. You'll get the choice when you download the tracks. We leave it to you to decide.

First, you have to find what smiles you. The best way I can describe it. A big smile. If it doesn't bring a smile to you instantly, I wouldn't bother downloading it even if it was free. What's the point? Chances are the smile will never come. No artist hits it 100% all the time and neither will I. That's what makes instrumental music so special. You're looking with your heart and your heart always knows. When it happens, go with it. The magic is in you more than from me. I'm just tagging along for the ride.(Kind of a love at first sight thing, which does happen. I didn't suggest our marriage until our 3rd date. I didn't want to risk being too forward. Since 1971 Married 52yrs. Get married-Stay married. It works.)

Secondly, I'm only stocking the shelves with what music I think will make a difference for you, covering a wide array of your many moods and needs. I've written instrumental music, mostly for film & commercials in the past, but now I'm creating music just for you. Right now it's bouncing from Classical to Country, but since I'm now the main writer, musician, studio owner & publisher, of course it'll be whatever you decide and download the most.

Thirdly, there is no thirdly. Only my Instrumental MP3 Download Site and You. The latest track will always be free because...why not?

℗©2023 by Lloyd Eddie Perry/Poor Blue Lucy Music 
Music Provided here is for your Personal & Private use only.
Unlicensed Commercial use is prohibited.

acoustic guitar playing instrumental music.
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